Selected essays on Native American writing


George Catlin (American artist, 1796-1872) Sha-kó-ka, Mint, a Pretty Girl

“‘The true American woman’: Narcissa Owen’s Embodied National Narrative”
In Becoming Visible: Women in View in Late Nineteenth-Century America
Ed. Janet Floyd, R. J. Ellis, and Lindsey Traub (Rodopi, 2010) 239-60

“‘The art spirit remains in me to this day’:
Contexts, Contemporaries, and Narcissa Owen’s Political Aesthetics”
In A Cherokee Woman’s America: Memoirs of Narcissa Owen, 1831-1907
Ed. Karen L. Kilcup (Florida, 2005) 1-43

“Writing ‘The Red Woman’s America’:  An Introduction to Earlier Writing by Native American Women”
In Native American Women’s Writing, c. 1800-1924: An Anthology
Ed. Karen L. Kilcup (Blackwell, 2000) 1-12 [9000 words]

“‘We planted, tended and harvested our corn’: Gender, Ethnicity, and Transculturation
in A Narrative of the Life of Mrs. Mary Jemison
Women and Language: Women and the Language of Race and Ethnicity 18.1 (1995): 45-51 [8000 words]

“Reading Trickster; Or, Theoretical Reservations and a Seneca Tale”
In Tricksterism in Turn-of-the-Century American Literature, A Multicultural Perspective
Ed. Elizabeth Ammons and A. White-Parks (New England, 1994) 137-57

“‘Colossal in Sheet-Lead’: The Native American and Piscataqua-Region Writers”
In A Noble and Dignified Stream: The Piscataqua Region in the Colonial Revival, 1860-1930
Ed. Sarah M. Giffen and Kevin M. Murphy (Old York Historical Society, 1992) 165-76 [7500 words]

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