Selected essays on women and gender

Fidelia bridges cyclamen“‘I am neither Painter nor Poet’: A Working-Class Woman’s View of Europe”
In From Beacon Hill to the Crystal Palace: The 1851 Travel Diary of a Working-Class Woman
ed. Karen L. Kilcup (Iowa, 2002) 1-49 [20,000 words]

“The Conversation of The Whole Family:
Gender, Politics, and Aesthetics in Literary Tradition”
In Soft Canons: American Women Writers and Masculine Tradition
ed. Karen L. Kilcup (Iowa, 1999) 1-24

“The Domestic Abroad: Cross-Class (Re)Visions of Europe and America”
Legacy: A Journal of American Women Writers (1999): 22-36

“‘I like a woman to be a woman’: Theorizing Gender in Stowe and Greene”
Studies in American Humor 4.3 (1996): 14-38

“‘Ourself behind ourself, concealed—’: The Homoerotics of Reading in The Scarlet Letter
ESQ: A Journal of the American Renaissance 42.1 (1996): 1-28

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